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The newest in hood pin offerings from Quik-Latch! Based on customer feedback and multiple requests, a push button hood pin kit that is sized and priced directly between the QL-25 series Mini Quik-Latches and the larger full size QL-50 series hood pin kits is now available!


Designed with the import and compact performance market in mind, the QL-38 series hood pin kits deliver the same push button function that you've come to expect from Quik-Latch Products while retaining the serious holding ability that is required of hood pins.  The reduced physical presence of the 38 series hood pin kits ensures a clean and unassuming look that will blend in with your overall build.

Available Finishes: Machined Aluminium, Black Cerakote and Polished.

Quik Latch QL-38 Series Hood Pin Kits - Black Cerakote

SKU: QL-38
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