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A photo of two Tensai cars, the Subaru is a world record holder in Drag Racing, and the secod is the first Lancer Evo to break the 9 second barrier in the UAE.

Tensai has been synonymous with fast ever since the beginning, After the first EVO in the UAE to break the 9-second barrier we are now proud to also have built the fastest street Subaru VA in the world!


And not having any plans of slowing down anytime soon, we will do nothing but expect those quarter mile times to get smaller.

WE ARE Perfectionists

A Tensai Professional working on a car engine

We are obsessed with perfection, as we approve only the best products and understand that in the pursuit of pole position one cannot compromise.


we treat your car as if it was our own only wanting the very best until it is time for you to pick it up.

A Group photo of the Tensai Family after winning in The UAE Time Attack
Another group photo of the Tensai Family at Tensai tuning's sixth anniversary

As competitive as we might get on track, off track we have always been happy to be part of the automotive community in the UAE, with our staff as well as our customers and commercial competitors.

WE are family

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