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The catback includes :

1x 956014 0000 RACING cat-back section, replaces front silencer, without homologationREMUS tube Ø 76 mm.


1x 956014 0500 Sport exhaust centered for L/R system (without tail pipes)REMUS tube Ø 76 mmwith 2 integrated valves, incl. EC homologationThe activation of the valve is carried out using the original actuator via the vehicle onboard electronics.


1x Exhaust Tips as the below options :


1x 0046 70S Stainless steel Tips : angled, rolled edge, chromed 

1x 0046 70CS Carbon Tips  angled, Titanium internals

1x 0046 98CB Stainless steel Tips Black Chrome, straight, carbon insert

Remus MK7 Golf R Catback

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